Do you still pay for clicks and impressions? We are a result focused agency and clicks and impressions are just a way to achieve an objective.

Straight to the point

You don´t need to think you are on a motor pool anymore. We know that as much as you anderstand our business and what we are doing, the best the achieved results. We work very close to our clients, goind deeper in its business and helping them to understand ours.

We don´t do any Vodu here

We don´t get the results through black magic or ocultism. The knowledge is our main base and main factor to get the best places in the market. We are always ahead, researching, getting information and testing. The results may looks like magic, but we get them with much hard work, dedication and unique know-how.

Branding is something

We are, for sure, a performance agency, but this doesn´t mean only sells or leads. Performance for us is to get the goals and the objectives. Besides that, we insist that Branding is not pure perception. It has it´s own atributes that perfectly can be measured.

We are an open book

We believe in total transparency: no number or information is classified. Our client has total access to the campaigns and reports anytime. We are falible as well, of course, and we don´t hide the errors, we learn with them and this is the complicity relation that let´s us even closer to our clients.


The i-Cherry started performing only the PPC task for the Imaginarium and soon expanded the scope of services with SEO. Both jobs are fundamental to the results of branding and sales of Imaginarium. The team at i-Cherry is very attentive, dedicated and patient. Possesses a work methodology focused on results and are always tuned with online market news, always suggesting us actions of forefront.

Cristiane Brandi – Imaginarium

Much more than an agency, i-Cherry has always been a great business partner. With a great business vision, focus on ROI and huge disposal, the team worked closely with iCarros and played a key role in building a category leader.

Fernando Ortenblad – iCarros

When we realized the need for an agency specializing in PPC we had no doubt. We seek the experience and know-how of i-Cherry to collaborate with our digital marketing strategic planning.

Today, we can say that we are pleased with the progress made. Always informed of news from Google universe and about the advancements of our accounts, we have achieved positive daily results.

Ruan Carvalho – Slaviero Hotéis